About Us

Innovation is critical to growth. Regardless of the size, geography, or sector in which an organization operates, Innovation is key. It requires bold bets and a willingness to persevere despite setbacks, criticism, and uncertainty. Creating an innovation culture where risk-taking is embraced across value chain is more critical for innovations to thrive than just focusing on new product development.

HR plays a critical role working alongside businesses and leaders at all levels to ensure that Innovation becomes a way of life and is embedded into the company's DNA.

The 4th edition of FICCI Innovation Summit provides an exciting platform where Thought leaders, Industry experts, and Innovators from across the globe will gather to explore the latest trends, strategies, and share insights, case studies with focused and deep dive deliberations on key ingredients of innovation attributing to its success. Participants will have a unique opportunity to engage with industry leaders, learn from success stories, and gain valuable insights into fostering a culture of innovation within their organizations.


  • 011 Day – 4 Tracks – 6 sessions – 8 hours of immense learning and One time opportunity to learn about levers impacting culture of innovation in your organisations through real time experiential learning pedagogy.
  • 02Global Keynotes, Large Scale Interactive Processes, Live Polls